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Everyone is a potential investor – a chance meeting with the CEO on Dirty Sixth


Everyone is a potential investor – a chance meeting with the CEO on Dirty Sixth

By: Steve Sadler, CEO

March 27, 2016

SXSW Interactive is the “tech week” part of the famously crazy South by Southwest (SXSW) extravaganza in Austin, TX where I showed up to launch Allegiancy’s IPO and join the ranks of Tech Disruptors like Twitter, Foursquare and Meerkat that have also announced IPOs in years past.

Every photobomb tells a story and this one from SXSW is more than a “Keep Austin Weird” moment. I paused for a media photo shoot on the city’s famed Sixth Street — aka the “Dirty Sixth” — after presenting at the NextGen Crowdfunding Ignition 1.0 event at historic Maggie Mae’s (that’s the oldest bar on the Austin strip) to launch Allegiancy’s $30 million IPO. For the record, I am the one in a business suit…photobomber is in grubby Nike kicks, Adidas soccer shorts, with an American Spirit cigarette, tattoos across the fingers of his left hand. Head tilted, hair mussed and wide-eyed, Mr. Dirty Sixth Photobomber is more than an uninvited guest in a CEO’s photo shoot. When he gets back home and recovers from SXSW, he could be an investor in Allegiancy.

That’s the beauty of the Allegiancy mini-IPO, filed under new Reg A+ rules approved last year as part of the 2012 JOBS Act….the market is now open to regular folks for the first time in decades! As Elio Motors demonstrated with the ‘first ever’ mini-IPO offering in February, raising $17 million, regular people are paying attention to companies with the vision and guts to capitalize on the democratization of capital through crowdfunding. And, Elio priced at $12, is now trading between $20-$25, meaning the regular Joe can actually profit in the mini-IPOs of new Reg A+.

Whether you’re a CEO or a Dirty Sixth photobomber, the new wave of mini-IPOs holds promise for anyone. And everyone. And what sets Allegiancy apart from others jumping into the new Reg A+ mini-IPO arena is a track record of profitability, growth and solid returns for investors.

For more on Allegiancy’s CRE Tech and our mini-IPO, go here.

We invite you to be part of this historic moment. And movement. Where the democratization of capital will help Main Street businesses grow, create jobs and bring investors the returns they desire to realize their dreams, retire in dignity and create a legacy for their families.

Photo shared courtesy of Sara Harris Photography. Media wishing to rerun this image should contact Stephanie Heinatz at Consociate Media at 757.713.2199.


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