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March 25 2015

Source: Crowdfund Insider

Real Estate Firms Eye Forthcoming Rules of Regulation A+

Crowdfund Insider has watched and reported on the unfolding story of Regulation A+ and this week highlighted Allegiancy’s plans.

“Later this morning the Securities and Exchange Commission will be releasing final rules for Title IV of the JOBS Act otherwise known as Regulation A+,” Crowdfund Insider wrote. “While the details are not yet know, the expectations are for proposed rules to allow raised of up to $50 million without having to go through the state review process.  Old Reg A was killed by the laborious state review process and Congress set out to fix the issue.  Investment crowdfunding platforms of all types may benefit from this new exemption allowing platforms to scale and become more profitable.  One sector that may quickly benefit are Real Estate crowdfunding platforms – one of the hottest segments in crowdfunding today.”

In a release published yesterday, Allegiancy, a Richmond based real estate asset manager, indicated they were already ready to go forward leveraging Reg A+. Steve Sadler, CEO of Allegiancy, said his company will be one of the first to become an active participant in the new Reg A+ marketplace.

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