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March 31 2015

Asset manager unresponsive or letting property owners down? Allegiancy offers simple, free way out

Allegiancy creates innovative package for dissatisfied property investors and owners  

RICHMOND, Va. – Allegiancy, a Virginia commercial real estate asset manager, is offering investors in underperforming properties a revolutionary new path forward through its “Investor Direct” program.

For neglected, unhappy owners of tenants in common (TIC) assets, Allegiancy will pay all transition costs to enable their move to Allegiancy, a firm achieving extraordinary results for clients.

Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler said, “Essentially, we are paying 100 percent of costs so property owners whose current asset managers are ‘asleep at the switch’ can get out and start to see better performance. Our offer is hassle-free and cost-free to investors.”

Allegiancy nearly doubled its assets under management in 2014 and continues to grow its portfolio by reaching out to property investors and owners directly with this opportunity, as well as by acquiring underperforming asset management companies.

Sadler explained: “We’re helping property owners extricate themselves from losing propositions in which certain asset managers are collecting fees but not delivering service.  A handful of disgraceful asset managers have devastated these properties and investors.  Conversely, Allegiancy offers commercial property owners a winning value proposition.  Our life work is helping commercial properties perform well.”
Who’s a candidate?

Many commercial property owners are recognizing that their current asset manager doesn’t put investors first and isn’t performing well. Some of the following indicators are warning signs that should trigger serious concerns:

1)  Insufficient financial reporting – Some owners report irregular reporting and even asset managers who have failed to deliver 2014 year-end information needed for tax purposes.

2)   Substandard responsiveness to clients and investors – Many owners are experiencing the frustration of their current asset managers not returning their phone calls and not answering questions, although huge investments are at stake.

3)   Poor financial performance of properties within rising markets – Several owners have seen dismal property results despite the dramatic recovery in US real estate markets.

4)  Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) actions against asset managers/sponsors – In some cases, sponsors/asset managers have had arbitration cases and even allegations of fraud and wrongdoing brought against them by FINRA and the SEC.

“These are pretty clear red flags that investors ignore at their peril,” Sadler said. “Trust your gut: if you suspect you are being played for a fool, contact us to help.”

What’s included in Allegiancy’s proposition?

Allegiancy’s offer does not ask owners to come up with any new capital, when they are already trapped in a no-win situation.  Instead, Allegiancy pays the following costs for investors:

·      TIC legal costs – Noted investor advocate and attorney Coni Rathbone and the Zupancic Rathbone Law Group have agreed to represent these TIC owners to protect their interests during the transition.  Zupancic Rathbone will serve the TIC owners exclusively and will not represent Allegiancy in any way.

·      Allegiancy will cover lender-required fees up to $5,000.

·      Allegiancy will handle all required interactions with the lender.

·      Allegiancy will assume the ‘bad boy’ carveout guarantees.

For more detailed information about the Allegiancy’s Investor Direct Program, contact Darryll Goodman at (702) 526-1029 or
Who’s Allegiancy?

Allegiancy is a “pure-play” commercial asset manager focused on serving owners exclusively. Allegiancy’s business is built on ensuring that properties perform better than they have before, producing more income and higher asset value.

Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler said, “Our team has helped hundreds of owners successfully navigate economic downturns by keeping their properties well-leased and well-maintained, with minimal operating costs. We have frequently helped revitalize properties that were in deep trouble — including those with significant vacancies, extensive deferred maintenance, and serious capital shortfalls.  Visit for examples.

Sadler said, “With Allegiancy, commercial property owners will get better service and better property performance, with no out-of-pocket costs or hidden charges.”

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Allegiancy is changing the business of asset management for commercial real estate owners and investors.  With an advanced technology platform and singular focus on serving as the owners’ advocate, the company brings fresh vigor to an often poorly understood business. Combining its proactive Value Assurance? operational rigor with an intense focus on cash flow and profitability, Allegiancy is expanding on a track record of more than four decades of success.

Headquartered in Richmond, Va., and led by a team of seasoned professionals with more than 100 years of experience, Allegiancy manages properties that have outperformed their peers by 45 percent since 2006. The company has approximately $300 million in assets under management (AUM) and delivers clients attractive returns and profitable, hassle-free investments in commercial real estate.

Allegiancy grew by 90 percent last year, largely due to referrals from satisfied clients.

More information about Allegiancy may be found at  To schedule an interview with Allegiancy’s leadership, contact Audrey Bevel at or  866.842.7545 ext. 204, or (804) 201-7161.