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January 19 2015

Allegiancy invests more in technology to create more value for commercial office building owners

Allegiancy partners with CapTech to develop leading edge tools to better manage leasing, marketing, construction/buildouts, tenant service, capital, everything

RICHMOND, VA. –  As a commercial real estate asset management firm, Allegiancy is always seeking to create more value for commercial office building owners and investors. That’s why Allegiancy teamed up with Richmond-based CapTech to design leading edge tools to better manage the numerous functions inherent in office buildings across the country.

CapTech offers information management consulting, systems integration and data management solutions.   The technology firm has created information systems for many of America’s most respected companies across the health care, financial and energy industries.  CapTech helps companies build tools that lead to more effective decision-making and more efficient operations.  As CEO Steve Sadler said, “We think.  They code.  Together, we’ve created a highly effective solution.”

“We wanted a more disciplined way to manage all the moving parts that are necessary in commercial real estate.  We wanted a solution that was system-based, not people-dependent,” said Ron Mentus, Allegiancy’s  senior vice president of Quantitative Analytics.

Mentus said:   “All the numerous touch points become more geometrically complex the more our clients and their tenants grow.  The difficulty in developing the right system that’s scalable has seemed almost impossible in the past.   But working with CapTech, we created a system that aggressively utilizes business mapping to analyze and get the most value out of each office building.”

Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler said, “There were plenty of tools on the market that could assist with workflow and management from a general perspective, but nothing that is integrated with accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and other systems.  We wanted tools specific to what we do that actually work in the real world.”

“The investment is seven figures, but it creates 10 times that value with the assets we manage for our owners and investors,” said Sadler.

One of the main differentiators for Allegiancy is the company’s focus on commercial real estate asset management.  It is their only business, not a segment of it.  Sadler said, “We exist to protect investors.”

“While Allegiancy has a reputation for performing difficult turnarounds on many of the properties in our portfolio, we also manage an even larger number of buildings that are very stable,” said Sadler.  “With those properties, we have to bring something different to table.”

“We must be able to pull every bit of efficiency out of an asset, while improving the quality of service delivered.  Investments in technology tools like this one make that possible,” said Sadler.

“We always ask, ‘why?’  Then we do the things are competitors are not doing,” said Sadler. “Investing in the latest technology with CapTech helps us get a better return on investment for our property owners, enabling us to run their office buildings like real businesses.”

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About CapTech

CapTech is a national technology consulting firm offering a full suite of services including management consulting, systems integration, and data management. CapTech designs, implements and integrates information technology systems for America’s most respected companies.  Working within clients’ cultures, CapTech tailors business solutions their unique needs.  CapTech is proud to be counted among “Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000,” reserved for the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, for the sixth consecutive year. More information about CapTech is available at

About Allegiancy

Allegiancy is changing the business of asset management for commercial real estate owners and investors. With an advanced technology platform and singular focus on serving as the owners’ advocate, the company brings fresh vigor to an often poorly understood business. Combining its proactive Value Assurance? operational rigor with an intense focus on cash flow and profitability, Allegiancy is expanding on a track record of more than four decades of success.

Headquartered in Richmond, Va., and led by a team of seasoned professionals and more than 100 years of experience, Allegiancy manages properties that have outperformed their peers by 45 percent since 2006. The company has more than $300 million in assets under management (AUM) and delivers clients attractive returns and profitable, hassle-free investments in commercial real estate.

More information about Allegiancy may be found at

To schedule an interview with Allegiancy’s leadership, contact Audrey Bevel at or 866.842.7545 ext. 204 or or (804)201-7161.

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