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November 01 2015

Source: Dara Albright

Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler spoke about potential of new Reg A (A+) at Alternative Financing Revolution event in Boca Raton

Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler spoke about potential of new Reg A (A+) at Alternative Financing Revolution event in Boca Raton

Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler spoke at “Small Cap & Alternative Financing Revolution Event” in Boca Raton, Fla., earlier this year. The event was hosted by crowdfinancing leader Dara Albright.

Wall Street veterans and crowdfinance industry leaders learned more about new paths of capital formation through equity crowdfunding and peer-to-peer/marketplace lending.

Sadler spoke on the featured panel, along with Samuel Guzik, partner, Guzik & Associates; Jim Riggs, executive vice president, Moloney Securities; and Gene Massey, CEO of MediaShares.

Read below for excerpts from Sadler at the speaking event.

Steve Sadler Transcript:

Steve Sadler: “This is a big deal. This is a big deal for our country. This is a big deal for our children. We’re looking at a nation that has seen entrepreneurial effort plummet. We have seen U.S. new company formation — for the first time in recorded history — now declining — there’s more companies dying than there are getting started.

And capital is part of that. Because if the risk profile, or risk threshold, is so high, that if most people don’t see the opportunity to succeed, they don’t start businesses. That means that the next Google or the next Microsoft is probably not getting started.

And I think Regulation A+, and other elements of the JOBS Act, really is the first time that we’ve attempted to deal with that to bring equity back into the equation, and it’s a really important piece of the pie. I mean, it’s very difficult as a small company to earn your way into a solid equity position.

And for us, raising $5 million: although the process was a bit more cumbersome than we had hoped, at the end of the day, it’s dramatically less expensive and less restrictive than bringing in a private equity partner who wants to beat you over the head, control your stock, and take the lion’s share of the profit — those are very ugly sorts of partners.

Regulation A+, gives you a mechanism to drive growth for much smaller companies that aren’t necessarily poised to be the angel investors’ or the venture capital investors’ next big thing. You don’t have to be the next Google for these types of securities offerings to be beneficial for your company, for your community, and for your investors.

So it’s an enormous opportunity for investors to get involved and earn solid returns on companies that deliver products to their neighborhoods, to their communities, and that employ people you might know – your husband, your son, your daughter.

And so, there’s an enormous impact we’re going to have here with Regulation A+, both immediately for companies like mine, but longer term, I think we have the potential to change the environment so that entrepreneurial activity will once again be flourishing.”

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Allegiancy is changing the business of asset management for commercial real estate owners and investors with radical specialization. With a technology-enabled operating platform and singular focus on serving as the owners’ advocate, the company brings fresh vigor and unparalleled discipline to a poorly understood business. Combining its proactive Value Assurance operational rigor with an intense focus on cash flow and profitability, Allegiancy is leveraging the experience of its principals of more than four decades of success.

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