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February 29 2016

Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler speaking at Los Angeles crowdfinancing conference on navigating the new frontier of raising capital with new Reg A+ mini-IPOs

Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler speaking at Los Angeles crowdfinancing conference on navigating the new frontier of raising capital with new Reg A+ mini-IPOs

Richmond, Va., February 29, 2016 — Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler is a featured speaker at Wednesday’s CrowdFinancing Real Estate Conference in Los Angeles, Calif., where he will give insights into navigating the new frontier of raising capital through online crowdfinancing.

As Allegiancy puts the finishing touches on its $30 million “mini-IPO” preparations using the new Regulation A+ rules, it is set to follow Elio Motors as the second company into the mini-IPO arena. Elio Motors is a Phoenix-based startup developing a three-wheeled, ultra-high-mileage car that raised $17 million through a recently completed min-IPO crowdfunding raise.

Allegiancy is a specialist in active asset management of commercial real estate. With the capital it will raise through its $30 million mini-IPO, Allegiancy is poised to attack inefficiencies in the $15 trillion commercial real estate industry.

“I’ll be talking about how we navigated the minefield,” Sadler said. “We’ve learned a lot that I want to share to help other forward leaning business leaders and entrepreneurs to be more effective and more efficient in their capital fundraising journey.”

Under Sadler’s leadership, Allegiancy is distinguishing itself in the crowdfinancing market by taking a multi-faceted approach, rather than simply a “pure” crowdfunded deal like Elio, which entails tapping small individual investors.

“We have a highly professional, three-pronged approach that entails crowdfunding, plus our brokers WR Hambrecht + Co., who are at the forefront of the development and implementation of the new Reg A+ rules, as well as institutional investors through Weild & Co. Former NASDAQ Vice-Chairman David Weild launched Weild & Co. and is considered the father of the JOBS Act that opened the door to equity crowdfunding through Reg A+. We’re synthesizing the best of all three to deliver on the promise of the JOBS Act.”

Under the previous Regulation A rules, Allegiancy raised $5 million in capital in 2014 to spur 400 percent growth for the company in 2015. With the injection of capital, Allegiancy doubled in size, tripled the number of its employees and then doubled its assets under management again last June when it closed its first asset management portfolio acquisition. Allegiancy’s tremendous growth earned the company a place in the top half of the 2015 Inc. 5000 list and its aggressive push into the new Reg A+ mini-IPO arena was covered in the Wall Street Journal.

At Wednesday’s CrowdFinancing Real Estate Conference at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, real estate investors, lenders, companies and brokerages will hear industry experts and leaders discuss everything new in commercial real estate syndication, real estate crowdfunding and investment transactions.

The conference runs from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., followed by networking and cocktails. The conference is sponsored by Dynamics Capital Group. For information, go here.

About Allegiancy

Allegiancy is changing the business of asset management for commercial real estate owners and investors with radical specialization. With a technology-enabled operating platform and singular focus on serving as the owners’ advocate, the company brings fresh vigor and unparalleled discipline to a poorly understood business. Combining its proactive Value Assurance operational rigor with an intense focus on cash flow and profitability, Allegiancy is leveraging the experience of its principals of more than four decades of success.

For more information about the company or to arrange an interview with Allegiancy CEO, Steve Sadler, contact Audrey Bevel at, or 866.842.7545.

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