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December 27 2014

Source: Dara Albright Events

The 2015 Predictions of a Self-Proclaimed Crowdfinance Clairvoyant

Dara Albright, a recognized authority, thought provoker and frequent speaker on topics related to market structure, private secondary transactions and crowdfinance, recently featured Allegiancy in her latest post, “The 2015 Predictions of a Self-Proclaimed Crowdfinance Clairvoyant.”

“Tis the season to reflect, predict and, for some, to even gloat a little,” Albright wrote. “And by some, I mean me. I am proud to announce that every single one of my 2014 crowdfinance prognostications rang true. Just as I projected at the start of this year: institutional as well as retail capital poured into P2P; equities-crowdfunding began to germinate through sell-side channels; Non-Title III crowdfinancing structures are proving to be more viable solutions; and venture capital was deployed into crowdfinance infrastructure plays.”

Allegiancy was higlighted specifically in Albright’s recap of her prediction that “Non-Title III crowdfinancing structures are proving to be more viable solutions.”

She wrote:

“When the SEC released its proposed rules for Title III crowdfunding back in October 2013, I expressed concern that Title III Crowdfunding would prove too expensive and burdensome for practical use. As such, I predicted that alternative crowdfinance structures would prove more feasible.  And I was spot on.

As accredited crowdfunding via 506(c) gained momentum in 2014, the nation saw the proliferation of states adopting their own crowdfunding laws.

Although a mere 1 year old, 506(c) accounted for nearly 10% of all Reg D offerings. Furthermore, what began, rather inconspicuously in 2011, with just two states passing crowdfunding legislation, exploded in 2014 with more than half of the nation’s states having either implemented or proposed their own crowdfunding laws.

But, according to industry experts, including recognized JOBS Act attorney Sam Guzik and Congressman Patrick McHenry, it is Reg A+ that is likely to become the most pragmatic solution for unaccredited crowdfunding.

Traditional brokerage firm, Moloney Securities, has been out on the forefront testing the Reg A waters. Moloney raised $5 million under Reg A for Allegiancy, a commercial real estate asset manager, in a structure that positioned the company for an eventual Reg A+ follow-on offering. Additionally, Moloney provided an aftermarket for Allegiancy shares.”

To read Albright’s complete 2014 recap and her 2015 predictions, click here.

“I enter 2015 heartened by the goodness in people and assured of the integrity that lives within the crowdfinance industry,” Albright concluded. “I look forward to spending the last few days of a very eventful year counting my blessings and finishing my crowdfinance book which I believe will help pave the way for a fairer financial system. As we prepare for another momentous year in crowdfinance, I wish you all a joyous holiday season. And may the “grubers” of this world find their stockings filled with karma.”

Allegiancy has recently been featured by Virginia Business and Richmond BizSense for its work.