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The Top 10 Allegiancy Blog Posts of 2015


The Top 10 Allegiancy Blog Posts of 2015

By: Steve Sadler, CEO, Allegiancy

December 17, 2015

It’s been an amazing year for Allegiancy. Looking back, we have so much to be thankful for. 2015 saw Allegiancy enjoy stunning growth, acquire TriStone Realty in Houston, Tex., and prepare to launch a $30 million capital raise under the new Reg A+, also known as “IPO Lite.”

We’ve connected with tens of thousands of readers with our blog and through my monthly thought leadership newsletter, The Currency of Savvy. We’ve complied the list of our most popular blog posts and want to share them with you all.

Without further ado, here’s the list of the Allegiancy Top 10 most popular blog posts of 2015, as selected by our readers. Plus one bonus link that’s just on the edge of the top 10.

Allegiancy Hires New COO Focused on Delivering Income, Long Term Value Clients

— Allegiancy announced in February that David Starowicz was hired as its new chief operating officer, with a focus on maximizing the current income and long-term value of assets. David brings more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate asset management to Allegiancy’s commercial real estate active asset management team.

When Doing Nothing Becomes Profitable

— In this article from the September issue of The Currency of Savvy, I wrote about how doing nothing can become profitable. Does something sound wrong with that notion? After reading the article, you’ll understand how profitable it can be to do nothing.

Virginia Company To Lead Nation In Using Revolutionary Regulation A To Raise Capital , Offer More To Investors

— When the SEC in March approved the new rules for Regulation A+ to usher in a new era of the democratization of capital, Allegiancy was ready. We announced we would file a $30 million to $50 million offering, making Allegiancy one of the first companies in the U.S. to capitalize on the new Reg A+ rules.

Virginia Based Allegiancy Announces Appointment of Former Rockefeller CEO and President To Board

—Great companies are led by strong leaders and we have among the best in Dennis Irvin, former President and CEO of Rockefeller Group Investment Management in New York City. Dennis was appointed in August to the Allegiancy Board of Directors in an advisory capacity amidst a drive to double Allegiancy’s staff and expand our assets under management to $5 billion.

Allegiancy Files $50m Offering With SEC Under New Reg A Rules

—In September, Allegiancy filed a $50 million offering with the SEC under the new Reg A+ rules, becoming one of the first companies in the nation to tap the new capital raising model that levels the playing field for investors. While the offering was subsequently amended, the bottom line is Allegiancy is poised in 2016 for continuing rapid growth.

Box Checkers, Bootlickers and Bureaucracy: What’s Killing America

—In this article from the July issue of The Currency of Savvy, I reveal how America is flush with a bonanza of rules and regulations on the local, state and federal levels that can act as a noose around the neck of entrepreneurs.

Allegiancy Takes Quantum Leap Forward With Investment in TriStone Realty Management

—In June, Allegiancy announced the acquisition of TriStone Realty Management in a multimillion dollar transaction that accelerates our firm’s growth. It also gives TriStone and its clients access to our sophisticated Allegiancy technology and analytical infrastructure.

Five Ways Broker Dealers Benefit From Reg A

—With an assist from attorney Rob Kaplan, an expert in navigating new and old SEC rules on raising capital through platforms like new Reg A+, this blog post breaks down how broker dealers can score with investors.

Launch Gloucester Pitch Night Had Impressive Array of Budding Entrepreneurs

—In May, I had the privilege of serving on a five-judge panel that heard 10 prospective Gloucester, Va., entrepreneurs pitch their business plans. They each had the hope of winning start-up capital and the support to build out and turn those ideas – those dreams – into reality.

Great Performance Requires Strong Leadership. Allegiancy Releases New Video. 

—How do you get the best performance out of your company and employees? This excellent video illustrates the key to great performance.

Bonus Post: The Science Proving the Power of Strong Leadership

—In an article from the November issue of The Currency of Savvy, I write an accompanying piece (pun intended!) to the Allegiancy orchestra video that shows there’s actually a science to proving the power of strong leadership. I think you’ll find the article fascinating.


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  • Lorraine Mary Ward-Walsh

    I personally think your blog post on the Launch Gloucester Initiative was one of the best ones!!!! Thank you very much for it. I found it to be very inspiring!

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