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Meet David Starowicz, Chief Operating Officer, Allegiancy


Meet David Starowicz, Chief Operating Officer, Allegiancy

By: Steve Sadler, CEO, Allegiancy

August 31, 2015

COO maximizes income, long-term value of assets

“Maximizing the income and long-term value of our clients’ assets is my primary mission,” said David Starowicz, Allegiancy’s chief operating officer.

Allegiancy is a commercial real estate asset manager focused on growth in secondary markets. The company has made a name for itself by resurrecting troubled properties without a massive capital infusion from their owners.

Starowicz oversees asset management, leasing activities, investor relations, and general administration for Allegiancy.

“I strongly believe in our principle of being an owner-centered asset manager,” said Starowicz. “Allegiancy delivers high-value client service by investing deeply in our employees and in proprietary tools and technologies.”

“Discipline is key, both on the operational side and on the leasing side,” said Starowicz. “It’s also important to partner with outside firms that operate with the same sense of urgency and discipline.”

Starowicz brings a long, successful track record to every client.   He has more than three decades of experience in commercial real estate asset management, along with valuable knowledge of geographic markets ranging from Massachusetts to California.

“I particularly enjoy using my background in law and in lease negotiations for our owners,” said Starowicz.

Before joining Alleginacy, Starowicz was managing director for Norfolk’s Harbor Group International, overseeing part of its $3.6 billion portfolio of commercial assets, mainly central business district office towers throughout the Eastern United States.

Previously, he was an executive vice president at Basic Capital Management in Dallas, where he advised three publicly traded real estate companies with combined commercial real estate assets of more than $1.6 billion.

“I’ve been through real estate booms and busts,” said Starowicz. “I know that it’s critical to always keep your eye on the ball, even in the best of times.”

Starowicz holds a law degree from Texas Wesleyan University, a master’s of business in corporate finance from the University of Dallas, and two bachelor’s degrees, in environmental studies and landscape architecture, from State University of New York.

He is married to Linda and enjoys spending time on the water and renovating his house.

“I view the assets under our management as if they were my own. I relentlessly manage expenses, understanding that every dollar saved creates $10 in property value,” said Starowicz. “I am passionate about real estate, and I am committed to delivering the best possible returns to our property owners.”

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