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How do you measure success? Roundup of Allegiancy’s 2014 results and what they tell us


How do you measure success? Roundup of Allegiancy’s 2014 results and what they tell us

By: Chris Sadler, President, Allegiancy

February 03, 2015

How do you measure success in your company?  I would be interested to hear from you.   Write me about how you know when you’re getting it right.

As a commercial real estate asset manager, we at Allegiancy are always seeking to create more value for our property owners and investors.   We recently took a look back at some obvious, and not-so-obvious, measures of how we did in 2014.

1) Allegiancy Growth Rate:  62 percent

Organic growth from referrals of satisfied clients drove Allegiancy’s assets under management up by 26%.

2)  Number of Employees:  16

We’re growing, but also trying to stay lean enough that every employee is bringing direct value to our clients.  We’re enthusiastic about our new chief operating officer, David Starowicz, who just joined our team, bringing a successful track record, and we plan to have more hiring announcements to come in 2015.

3)   Miles traveled by Allegiancy employees visiting properties:  more than 130,000

We tell our clients, “We do what you would do if you were there, at your property.”  In order to achieve that, we travel “there” quite a bit.

4)   Pairs of boots owned by Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler:  4

Pairs of boots owned by Allegiancy President Chris Sadler:   3

Central to our philosophy of managing commercial real estate assets is having our “boots on the ground” at our properties.   We equally believe in talking to the “boots on the ground” already there – the working people who give us the real story about what should be done at a property, versus what could be done.

5)  Dividends paid to property owners/investors – $3,775,975.90

This is the real deal for us because we realize that it doesn’t just represent a figure on a spreadsheet.   It represents someone’s daughter who can now have the wedding she hoped for, or a young person’s education fund, or someone’s retirement plans finally reached.

At Allegiancy, we realize that investors have entrusted their treasure to us, and we take that trust seriously.  What we’re able to show for it is our highest standard.

Chris Sadler’s company, Allegiancy, manages commercial properties that have outperformed their peers by 45 percent since 2006.  The company has more than $300 million in assets under management and delivers clients attractive returns and profitable, hassle-free investments in commercial real estate.    

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