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Know Your Value…And Earn It


Know Your Value…And Earn It

By: Steve Sadler, CEO of Allegiancy

September 24, 2014

Entrepreneurs start things. Some keep going. Some stop.

As a serial entrepreneur I have seen my share of success and failure. And with every win, and every loss, I’ve learned lessons along the way.

One key lesson? People.

Along every step of the path to build the various companies I’ve started, I have had the opportunity and responsibility to hire great people to help do the work.

Naturally, I look for qualified and motivated people who can shoulder a large amount of responsibility and deliver real value to the company. The best people know their worth and are invested in the success of the company first, understanding that is how they will profit the most themselves.

This is what brings me to this blog post today and a trend – a concerning trend – I’ve noted in the marketplace.

Whether you like to think about it this way or not, compensation is the most direct expression of how much value you delivered to your customer/clients/company.

Quite simply, if you are not satisfied with your total pay….you need to find a way to become more valuable to the people who generate the profits that pay your wages.

It’s not “pay me well and then I will work hard.” You cannot tell the corn that you will harvest first and then plant seeds….there are natural laws that cannot be avoided.

Plant, grow, harvest. Work, add value, get paid (more).

At Allegiancy, we believe in this so wholeheartedly we’ve built our entire business around it. We are a fee based asset manager.We work to make clients’ real estate investments perform. In essence, we don’t get paid unless our clients make money. The harder-smarter-faster we work for our clients, the better they do. The more value we create and deliver…. The more we get paid.

Why bring this up today?

wage graphEvidence of this problem came across my desk this morning (see graphic).

The U.S. has the highest percentage of low wage jobs / low value workers in the developed world.

Nearly 25 percent of our people are not adding much value….this is a serious problem. Very serious and even more so when you consider that nearly 30 percent of working age people are not even in the work force any more.

So, by implication more than 50 percent of our workforce is adding little or no value.

Entrepreneurs are a big part of the solution. Knowing your value…and how to earn it…is something entrepreneurs know and understand. We need more of them!

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