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From The Rooftop, April 7, 2015 Edition


From The Rooftop, April 7, 2015 Edition

By: Steve Sadler, CEO, Allegiancy

April 08, 2015

Five Ways Broker-Dealers Benefit From Regulation A+

SOURCE: Robert R. Kaplan, Jr., Managing Partner, Practices, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank, PLC

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the rules implementing Title IV of the JOBS Act, commonly known as Regulation A+, on March 25. These rules increase the amount a company can raise through a non-registered, public securities offering from $5 million to $50 million in a year. Reg A+ also allows securities to be sold in all 50 states without state pre-review, and permits non-accredited investors to buy in. In short, Reg A+ eliminates the barriers that have prevented smaller companies from accessing public capital and smaller investors from accessing alternative investments.

As a broker-dealer, here’s how you can benefit…



Looking For Your Dream Office Space? Don’t Go It Alone.


When the time comes for a new business to formally open its doors in a commercial building, most decision-makers will probably consider trying to find and secure office space on their own.

Many entrepreneurs might question why they would need someone to help them especially if they have to pay for the service. After all, they’re putting a lot of money into the business expansion.

But those with experience in leasing and purchasing commercial office space know that finding and securing a dream office is a lot easier said than done. Some business owners who have learned costly lessons in finding their first office opt to hire a tenant or buyer’s broker to help them with moving to their next space.

Savvy decision-makers know that brokers’ fees are included in the overall rent or purchase price (and that the landlord, not the tenant, pays them) so there is no “added expense” in the transaction. In fact, a good broker can save clients thousands of dollars, countless hours and immeasurable risk.

Here’s a look at four issues that can arise if you set out to find office space on your own…



New Forecast: Three More Years of Commercial Real Estate Boom


The commercial real estate sector can expect three more years of solid growth – one of the longest periods of industry expansion according to a new forecast.

The U.S. commercial property market has been expanding since 2010, following a sharp downturn during the recession.

Industry leaders surveyed by the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Land Institute are anticipating the current property market boom will continue through at least 2017.

“Real estate pros predict three more years of smooth sailing for U.S. real estate,” the Urban Land Institute’s William Maher said in the report released Wednesday. “The forecast represents almost the perfect combination of strong economic and property market fundamentals, combined with an orderly wind-down of monetary stimulus.”

The Urban Land Institute surveyed 43 of the industry’s top economists and analysts for its new Real Estate Consensus Forecast.

The outlook report predicts that demand for real estate, particularly office and apartments, will remain strong through 2017.

Commercial real estate transaction volumes are forecast to rise this year and in 2016 to almost twice the 14-year annual average…



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