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Conversations With The Chairman: Pick Up The Phone


Conversations With The Chairman: Pick Up The Phone

By: Steve Sadler, CEO, Allegiancy

May 24, 2015

When you have the opportunity, pick up the phone.

A phone call is much more effective and equally as quick as an email or a text.

Texting/Emailing on phone is slow—they invented that back in the 1800s, they called it a telegraph.

Pick up the phone.

Your voice can communicate so much more than simply the words that you’re transmitting.

So I would encourage you to always look for the opportunity to connect with that other person as a person through your voice.

So, in our business, we’re communicating with investors all the time, so if an investor sends me an email asking a question, I can respond via email very quickly, but I can achieve much more if I call that person and discuss with them their concerns, their problems, their questions.

They get not only an answer, but also a connection and that’s much more important.

So pay attention to that.

Texting? Bad.

Email? Bad.

Telephone call? Good.

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