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Allegiancy employees driving success that lands us on Inc. 5000 list


Allegiancy employees driving success that lands us on Inc. 5000 list

By: Steve Sadler, CEO, Allegiancy

October 22, 2015

Our tremendous performance and success at Allegiancy that propelled us onto the Inc. 5000 list is a credit to our management team and employees who are sharing in the vision and work that goes into making our firm an industry leader.

Joined by my brother, Allegiancy President Chris Sadler, we celebrated the company’s success at the Inc. 5000 Conference & Gala held Oct. 21-23 at the JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes in Orlando, Fla.

INC 5000 Dan PriceIt’s been a great opportunity for us to meet other successful entrepreneurs, network and hear personally the stories of top business leaders and newsmakers like Dan Price. He is the CEO of Gravity Payments who made news this year by paying even his newly hired employees a minimum of $70,000 a year. Dan has a very interesting approach, is very passionate about his company and his people….yet still very humble and approachable. Where else can you talk to guys like that?

The Inc. 5000 list of companies includes such well-known firms as Yelp, Pandora, Timberland, Dell, Domino’s Pizza, LinkedIn, Zillow and others. Allegiancy is included in the list that features an aggregate revenue of $205 billion.

The companies have also generated 647,000 jobs over the past three years. Job creation is very important to me. Just in the past year, Allegiancy has more than tripled the number of its employees to 20 and we expect to continue hiring many more young, motivated workers who share our desire and drive in business.

What has separated us from the rest of the pack in the industry is a commitment to innovation and thinking outside the box, not settling for the status quo. We see ourselves as disrupters in the industry and I credit our management and employees for joining us in forging new methods and technologies to better serve our investors and clients.

The results speak for themselves. We placed in the top half of the list at no. 2,486 on growth of 151 percent and revenue of $3.7 million. It’s been a hard-charging year for us — acquiring TriStone Realty of Houston, Tex., moving into new headquarters to effectively double the size of our office space, more than doubling the value of our portfolio to $800 million.

And we’re not done yet. We filed paperwork for a $50 million offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the new Reg A+ and plan to use the new capital to make significant improvements in our proprietary technology platform, consummate new acquisitions and expand our employee base to handle our planned growth.

We dream big at Allegiancy and I’m confident with the people we have in place we’ll make it reality.

While at the conference we listened to Adam Miller, President and CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand talk about his company’s success. Cornerstone OnDemand was started in 1999 in Miller’s 1-bedroom apartment and helps organizations to recruit, train and manage their employees.

Miller describe how the company’s early investors, the ones that came in before the company’s 2007 injection of institutional money, earned more than 100 times on their investment. That means a $50,000 investment has become more than $5 million. In my book, and hopefully in yours as well, that’s a pretty solid investment.

Welcome to the new American dynamism. In much the same way as how Cornerstone OnDemand investors achieved very profitable returns, I see the new Reg A rules that we’re tapping at Allegiancy to raise capital making it possible for more regular folks to participate in growth companies like Cornerstone OnDemand.

I’m confident we’ll be back to the Inc. 5000 conference next year — after finishing higher on the list.


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